PUFA Bestows Coveted Commendation

Pelham, NY,  November 18, 2002.  Following an emergency executive committee meeting late last night, the Pelham Ultimate Frisbee Association announced that it was bestowing the highly prestigious “Clucking Hen of Courage” Award on virtually its entire membership.  This decision, which is unprecedented in PUFA history, follows the membership’s
en masse decision to remain in their highly perilous and uncomfortable homes yesterday afternoon rather than meet at the appointed place and time to play Ultimate.  

Typical among the recipients’ stories is that of PUFA founding member Hugh Osborn who, upon being informed of his triumph, modestly commented: “Sure, it would have been easy for me to play, but I have a nine year old daughter.  What kind of an example would I have set for her if I had gone out and had fun in a raging drizzle?”  Likewise, another humble honoree, Jeremy Driesen stated “All too often in situations like this, people take the easy way out.  In my case, had I showed up, there would be an entire ‘Jumbo Word Hunt’ still sitting undone in my ‘Giant Book of Word Puzzles’ at home.  Those words weren’t going to find themselves.”

Award winners are entitled to display the official Clucking Hen insignia on all of their Frisbee wear.  The insignia consists of the pink silhouette of a nesting fowl rampant on a background of bright yellow.  The CHC stands, along with the Weiser Goalhanging Commendation, and the T. Keith Reliability Award as among the most venerated of all PUFA acclamations.

In announcing the awards PUFA is required to note with regret that five of its members failed to adhere to the standards of behavior necessary to earn the “Hen”.  In fact, as described by PUFA general counsel James Kleiner: “This ‘quintet of shame’ actually went to the appointed place at the appointed time and played Frisbee.  One can only hope that this deplorable behaviour will not recur in the future.  Perhaps seeing their fellows proudly wearing the CHC insignia will prompt some needed introspection in this little cabal of reprobates.”