This is the homepage of the Pelham Ultimate Frisbee Association.  If you live in or around Pelham New York, and are interested in playing Ultimate Frisbee, we're the people for you.  If, on the other hand, you don't live in Pelham New York, and/or you don't care
about ultimate frisbee, you're probably well served to go somewhere else.  We should clarify that the name "Pelham Ultimate Frisbee Association" is a little bit tongue-in-cheek.  We're not really an Ultimate Frisbee Association so much as we are a group of people who gets together every so often in Pelham New York to
Homepage of the
Vitae senum significationem novam per discus aquirunt
play utlimate frisbee.  If you heard the name "Pelhaam Ultimate Frisbee Association"  and didn't know better, you might think that we were formally organized, with minutes, officers and directors, audited financial statements and stuff like that.  This would be a misleading impression.  If we did
Pelham Ultimate Frisbee Association
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Map of all the places we play

Hour-by-hour weather forecast

chin' tie-dyet-shirts

Pelham Fields Hotline: 
(914) 738-6644

Map of Sound Shore emergency room

Wartburg "adult care community"

Incredible webpage with rules, terminology, instruction, etc.

Skills webpage

Ultimate Players Association page

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PUFA bestows coveted award (Nov. 18, 2002)
have a balance sheet, the asset side would show something like $75 worth of discs, pinnys and orange cones.  The biggest liability would be me.  If you don't understand this, it's because you haven't seen me play. 

Anyhoo...hopefully this narritive passage which describes our ultimate
frisbee playing activity in Pelham, NY, will assist Google in returning our site when someone types in, for instance, "Ultimate Frisbee in Pelham New York."
8 Reasons PUFA is not
like "Ultimate"
Ultimate Bowl II Coverage!
Great UB V Pix
A big fat PUFA "Thank You" to Sam Carney for these.
Great UB V
to Guian
PUFA gets mad props from WUDI
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