The Injury Report
Last Updated:  April 19, 2004
Player                         Injury/ies                              Status
Day to day.

"The pin is holding it together.  Why wouldn't I play?"

Out indefinitely.

Week to week.

Expected back in May

For the most part, sucking it up.

Expected back late April


Broken tibia and fibula.  Severe ankle sprain.  Incurred 10/03

Broken finger.  Incurred 1/04

Broken wrist.  Incurred 3/04

Torn (?) quadraceps.  Incurred 3/04

Torn lower hamstring tendon.   Incurred 2/04.  Aggrivated 3/04

Chronically tight hamstring

Torn hip flexor, ruptured calf muscle, torn gluteus maximus, sciatica. 

Torn ACL.  Critical meniscus deficiency.

Torn gluteus muscles
Jack Klebanow

Matt Jones

Ben Weiser

Tom Phillips

Andy Johnson

Bill Love

Tom Cohen

Tom Keith

Guain Heintzen