Fragments from a Fiasco

Being a collection of observations, news clippings, photographs and other memorabilia from Ultimate Bowl II.
From Pelham Weekly’s crack sports reporter Biff Burns’* account of the game:
…in the post-game press conference, Darbyshire was confronted with the word that he had danced around the entire week leading up to Ultimate Bowl II.  Specifically, he was asked: “Can we now refer to the Village as a dynasty?”  Evidently unfatigued by his brilliant exertions on behalf of his team, the Village’s spiritual leader executed an evasive maneuver every bit as artful as those he’d performed earlier on the field, saying: “That’s just a word, and it’s not my place to decide who to apply it to.  I just can’t say enough about the guys on this team.  In all the years I’ve been playing Ultimate, this is the tightest, best group I’ve ever seen.  I’m just glad to be a part…” at which point he was swarmed by his victorious fellows and inundated in champagne and shaving cream.  The conference ground to a halt.
* Massive bonus points for anybody getting that reference.
~ ~ ~
An interior monologue:
Well, you’ve got to be realistic.  You get beat once by somebody you’re clearly better than and you can call it a fluke, or an upset, or whatever.  When it happens repeatedly, you’ve got to take a long hard look in the mirror and admit that maybe you... were the victim of a friggin’ conspiracy!  I mean really!  Somebody was on the take, or they doped our Gatorade, or SOMETHING!  There’s no other possible explanation…
~ ~ ~
Another article from the Weekly:
…Mayor Michael Clain attributed the post-game tranquility to extensive preparation:  “We had faith the Village would win, so we’ve had the police force working crowd control drills since May.  Of course, we cancelled vacations and had every available man, including the entire mounted unit, on duty from noon on.  And we got a little support from Mt. Vernon, Eastchester and Rye Brook”.  A midnight tally of damages incurred in the celebration included four arrests; six hospitalizations; none critical; losses to looting “in the low six figures”; thirteen smashed windows and two buildings gutted by fire.  Clain described this as “pretty typical for a Sunday evening”…