Here's the winning point: 
Let's see if I have this right - Jong, owing to the fact that he wasn't playing any defense,  is standing alone in the end zone.  Nick Merrick tosses up one of his patented hammers, and Cooper - who is on Guion like white on rice - dashes over to defend against the pass.  Oddly enough, Nick's throw is wildly errant, and it gets caught in a burst of wind, which carries it directly to...Guion.  In a state of near-panic, Guion collapses, only to have the disc alight in his capacious lap.  Game over.  Village wins.  Typical.
Little known, but totally true, facts about UBII:
Had they won, the Manor team would likely have been honored by an official proclamation issued by Manor mayor Stephen Rooney.  In the aftermath of their defeat, six team members have been fired from their "no show" jobs with the village.  (This last statement is not, technically speaking, "totally true".)

Clarissa Cylich, who had one of the all-time great games in PUFA history, albeit in a losing cause, ate 
Organic Honey Medley cereal from Trader Joe's before the contest.  Some of her less proficient manor bretheren might consider incorporating it into their diets.

The field on which the games were played at Orchard Beach was subsequently graced with new metal
Keep Off the Grass signs.  I'd like to know what "grass" they're talking about.

Ultimate Frisbee is virtually unknown in Jong's hometown of Pusan Korea.

Village taxes on a typical million dollar starter home in Pelham run $6,370 annually.  In the Manor, taxes on the same house are only $6,220 per year.
Here, Cooper and Guion, having discovered they have something in common, are doing their fraternity's secret handshake while Dean endeavors to catch the frisbee in the face of almost total indifference from the other side.
If you can beleive it, there's even more.